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Tensions basse-fréquence: caractères inclinés, ex. Voltmetre électronique d’au moins 1 M2 d’impédance d’entrée. + 12v]. Markings on Tantalum Electrolytic. Revox Service Manuals and Owners Manuals Free, page 1| For looking for information about your vintage stereo equipment Revox. REVOX. REVox. 1 ( The well-known reliability of the. Revox A77 is a result of a professional . (a push for Manual button dis- ables the auto start.

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Revox A77 Service Manual

Submitted by Hallicrafters on March 21st, Can any one offer help? All other performance data are identical with the data for the revoox version of the A77 recorder.

My A77 has been setting up and revox a77 manual has a terrible distortion on record, still works fine on playback of previously recorded material. Worth a shot if your having issues. Submitted by Bundy4eva on December 12th, The manuals a7 a real bonus.

Needed a 30mm toothed belt not shown. Load recorder with tape. To identify a A77 Dolby is very easy because of 4 remarkable points:. It seems to me that meanwhile I can operate the machine by shorting poles 1 and 2 of the remote control socket. Submitted by Chungalin on February 3rd, revox a77 manual Switch the recorder on by selecting tape speed and reel size.

Submitted by magnetic on February 20th, Reviewed Mar 07th, by Ian Thompson What a fantastic resource! The calibration controls 51 and 52 must not be touched alter they have been adjusted to suit a particular tape’s revox a77 manual.


Dolby is a registrated trade mark. If necessary, recalibrate by performing the steps as outlined under section 3. You made my day.

I drop NAB as a recording option. Close record level controls 15 and 17 by turning them fully anticlockwise.

On or about page 67, there are 2 resistor values that a scribbled over: Before switching your recorder on, revox a77 manual read carefully the instructions brief operating instructions for the standard model, while also paying attention revox a77 manual the designations used for the operating controls as shown in the illustrations an the following pages.

Submitted by MichaelJGamble on October 13th, Submitted by gherft on March 23rd, I am Ali Shah, Hi! Brought one for my husband’s Birthday and it does not work, we seem to be having a run of bad luck with reel to reel tape recorders and now have three that does not work.

Revox never made this combination Since I’m from Germany, sorry, no, but I know some very good guys in North Germany, if you don’t mind shipping the A77 to them. Record Revox a77 manual DOLBY encoded recordings are to be modulated in the same manner as any standard recording by revox a77 manual the record levels with the level controls 15 and Revox a77 manual either I have 2 bad oscillator boards, or that is just how these machines behave with this newer tape.

Many thanks for your documents! Grazie per i manuali messi a disposizione. Hi, I live in Sydney Australia and need to find someone who can repair a Revox A77Mk4 either here or overseas, yes I am desperate to get this machine back in operation. I just have to say one thing.

Operating Instructions for the REVOX A77 equipped with DOLBY B System

Thanks so much for letting me find you. Good solid Reel Deck.

I’ve biased for SM on some A77s with that technique. Weighted as per ASA A: