2 On or after 1 July , this Code will be mandatory for fire safety systems required by the SOLAS Convention, as amended. Any future amendment to . 22 Jul The Safety system on chapter II-2 of SOLAS is known as Fire Safety System Code (FSS code).It includes ISC,fire fighting system,fire suit,fire. 23 Sep “Equipment” includes appliances. “FSS Code” means the International Code for Fire Safety Systems, published by the IMO. “FTP Code” means.

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The effective area through the valve and pipe shall solas ffa code adequate to permit the release of the required pump output while maintaining the pressure in the system specified in paragraph 2. One control shall be used for opening the valve of the piping which conveys the gas into the protected space and a second control shall be used to discharge the gas from its storage containers.

Foam concentrates of the solss type from different manufacturers shall not be mixed unless they are approved for compatibility. Fire detectors fitted in passenger ship cabins, when activated, shall also solas ffa code capable of emitting, or cause to be emitted, an audible alarm within the space where they are located.

FSS Code – Wikipedia

Adequate positive-pressure-type mechanical ventilation shall be provided for such a compartment. The emergency power supply shall be provided from outside the protected machinery space.

For solid bulk cargo spaces the fixed piping system shall solas ffa code such that at least two thirds of the gas can be discharged into the space within 20 min. Fixed gas fire-extinguishing systems equivalent to those specified in paragraphs 2.

The amendments to SOLAS and Fire Safety Systems FSS Code

Where a cargo space fitted with a gas fire-extinguishing system is used as a passenger space, the gas connection shall be blanked during such use.

The fan suction capacity should be adequate to ensure the response of the most remote area within the required time criteria in paragraph 2. The foam generators shall be arranged with at least 1 codd free space in solas ffa code of the foam outlets, unless tested with less clearance. This switch shall solas ffa code the supply of power from the main switchboard so long as a supply is available therefrom, and be so designed that upon failure of that supply solas ffa code will automatically change over to the supply from the emergency switchboard.

This chapter details the specifications for international shore connections as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention. Distribution pipework shall have self-draining capability.

In order to allow modern technology and development of fire safety systems, the Administration may approve fire safety systems which are not specified in this Code if the requirements of Part F of chapter II-2 of the Convention are fulfilled. The crew can then determine at the smoke sensing unit solas ffa code cargo hold is on fire and operate the pertinent three-way valve for discharge of the extinguishing agent.

The tank shall contain a standing charge of fresh water, equivalent to the amount of water which would be discharged in 1 min by the pump referred to in paragraph 2. All electrical and electronic equipment on the bridge or in the vicinity of the bridge shall be tested for electromagnetic compatibility, taking into account the recommendations developed solas ffa code the Organization 1. This chapter details the specifications for emergency fire solas ffa code as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention.

Alternative testing standards may be used as determined by the Administration. The monitors and hose connections shall be aft of any cargo tanks, solas ffa code may be located in the cargo area above pump-rooms, cofferdams, ballast tanks and void spaces adjacent to cargo tanks if capable of protecting the deck below and aft of each other.

The alarms shall operate for the length of time needed to evacuate the space, but in no case less than 20 s. All air cylinders for breathing solas ffa code shall be interchangeable. The control panel for the fire detection system shall be tested according to standards EN solas ffa code The rating of the battery charge unit shall be sufficient to maintain the normal output power supply to the fire detection system while recharging the batteries from a fully discharged condition.

If multiple stairways are arranged to connect several decks using the arrangement shown in figure 2. All nozzles shall be able to be removed solas ffa code inspection in order to prove clear of debris. If the signals have not been acknowledged within 2 min, an audible fire alarm shall be automatically sounded throughout the crew accommodation and service spaces, control stations and machinery spaces of category A.

The emergency power supply shall be provided from outside the protected space. As a minimum, generators shall be located on every second deck, including movable decks. The means for disconnecting solas ffa code detectors shall be designed to automatically restore the system to normal surveillance after a predetermined time that is appropriate for solad operation in question.

Provision shall xolas be made for an alternative supply of cooling water. If there is more than one fire hose in a machinery space of category A, one of the fire hoses in that space must also be connected to a portable foam applicator. Relaties solas ffa code relaties gevonden bij document.

PART IV: SOLAS CHAPTER II-2 Construction – Fire protection, fire detection and fire extinction

For this purpose, nominal area solas ffa code be taken as the gross horizontal projection of the area to be covered. All EEBD training units shall be clearly marked. Solas ffa code ballast condition of a ship on entering or leaving a dry dock need not be considered a service condition. Except sokas provided in paragraphs 2. Maintenance requirements, manufacturer’s trademark and serial number, shelf life with accompanying manufacture date and name of the approving authority shall be printed on each EEBD.

The calculated value of W may be reduced where available landing area S is provided in stairways at the deck level defined by subtracting P from Z, such that: The pipes shall not pass through refrigerated spaces.

cdoe Chapter 02 International shore connections 1 Application This chapter details the specifications for international shore solas ffa code as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention. This chapter details the specifications for personnel protection as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention.

The design of the flange should conform to the appropriate class in the standards adopted for the design of other external connections in the ship’s cargo piping system. In addition, all solas ffa code piping shall be flushed with freshwater and blown through with air solas ffa code ensure that the piping is free of obstructions. Clear width is considered the distance between the handrail and the bulkhead on the other side or between the handrails.

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