Sembene Ousmane’s novel Xala examines the paradoxes which color an African world emerging from a history of French colonial rule. His protagonist, El Hadji. 15 Nov A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Xala by Sembène Ousmane. Ousmane Sembene’s. Xala: The Novel, the Film, and Their Audiences. Josef Gugler and Oumar CherifDiop. The artist must in many ways be the mouth and the.

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For days El Hadji agonizes over his problem, consulting countless marabouts healers and paying exorbitant fees to them, with no result.

He has not sembene ousmane xala many films, but at least two of them, Xala and Ceddo, deserve to be counted among the best.

Sembene’s The Money Orderabout the trials of a sembrne trying to cash a cheque, was the first truly African feature, and Ceddowhich looks at Africa’s chequered past, remains perhaps the most sophisticated.

Why don’t you come and see us? Back at her villa, she reflects on her own unhappiness provoked by renewed feelings of abandonment. Sembene ousmane xala El Hadji loses his money, he loses his wives along with it. Views Read Edit View history. Another scholarly perspective is from Harriet D.

In the middle of the peals of laughter, loud music, and dancing, the lights go out, and the newly wedded couple slip away to their bedroom, where El Hadji prepares himself to deflower his bride. No African director has criticised the pretensions and corruption of its rulers more severely than Sembene in Xala, or done it with such quiet hilarity.

Festival Internacional de Cine de Karlovy Vary El Hadji reveals that nothing happened during the night. Everything seems in sembene ousmane xala order, but then it isn’t, and the diagnosis sembene ousmane xala clear: She watches as the women examine enviously the numerous wedding gifts El Hadji has presented to his new young wife as sembene ousmane xala of love.

Xala – Wikipedia

El Hadji’s economic aspirations in a newly independent market, as well as his Muslim faith, provide the framework for his world view. Retrieved from ” https: Sembene ousmane xala successful businessman, he knows how to work the local system. In fact, sembene ousmane xala female characters in Xalamost notably El Hadji’s wives seembene the domineering figure of Yay Bineta, exhibit the power that many women in fact yield over their male counterparts.

Part of Security Studies. Export a Text file For BibTex. The highly valued institutions of home and family prove to be weak fronts for a true lack of ousmame substance.

Canadian Journal of African Studies. In traveling the “road This section needs expansion. It is his sense of irony, coupled sembene ousmane xala anger, that make his work outstanding and perhaps easier to understand than many African films.

Satire in the novel.

Ousmane Sembène’s “Xala:” The Novel, the Film, and Their Audiences

The thrust of the plot is that a new black elite has taken power. As El Hadji endures this abuse, the police, expecting a riot, surround the house with loaded guns.

Yay Bineta insists that El Hadji El Hadji represents, experiences, and sembene ousmane xala articulates the impotence of his class” Gugler Alone with his new bride, El Hadji is filled with desire, but the unthinkable happens: The novel follows several weeks in El Hadji’s life and his “rapid decline from affluence sembene ousmane xala total humiliation and ruin.

While El Hadji certainly orders his wives around, they are by no means the docile and submissive characters of western popular imagination. The battle against the colonist is not yet won. For example, if the current year is and a journal has a 5 year moving wall, articles from the year are available. He believes himself untouchable, refusing the superstitions of his culture until the curse of the xala is placed upon him.

Scholar Aaron Mushengyezi writes: Ousmane reveals the true nature of gender relations in Senegal, a world in which it is widely assumed especially by westerners that women are powerless under the sembene ousmane xala of men.

The film depicts El Hadji, a businessman in Senegalwho is cursed with crippling erectile dysfunction upon the day of his marriage sembene ousmane xala his third wife.

El Hadji’s second wife, Oumi N’Doye, employs powerful skills of persuasion and mental torture to exact what she wants from her husband.

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