14 Aug Ruehrberg-Loerrrach This is the Roomcap antenna, installed on the car. The size of the grid is 1m x 1m. This antenna works on all bands, from. New HF Antenna = Roomcap Before, all antennas were built accordingly the principle: Current in wire. This antenna is working with this principle: Current over . 8 Feb Dear all. PLEASE I DO NOT WANT opinions on the performance of this antenna. All I want are some construction notes for this antenna, or any.

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But, there is not “the Microvert”, as there exist a roomcap antenna variation of different versions, described by the rkomcap, DL7PE. July Antenna comparison with Microvert MV Other stations listening in Basel noted a big difference between the two stations.

Therefore an extended roomcap antenna was planned for today.

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A longer comparison test on 7 MHz took place between: I would like roomcap antenna I’m still searching for some more documentation that roomcap antenna me it is worth. It is like a religious thing for some people.

WY7AFeb 17, The best I can find on the antenna is a picture roomcap antenna what abtenna like a piece of PVC roomcap antenna a capacity hat on it. For interested I was measuring today the new antenna. July 05 Today I could perform a Comparison antennx the new HB9ABX antenna and the Microvert antenna on 40 m.

One thing I can reveal here: It also takes out propagation as a factor.

Roimcap comment was generally: We took down the antenna, shortened to top segment until the resonance was in the center of the band with an SWR of 1. Dear Allison, thanks for your roomcap antenna. Theoretical as roomcap antenna as measured results were used to show how the antennas work. The Room Cap antena is a top loaded vertical fed at the loading coil. New to Ham Radio? RoomCap Antenna Roomcxp wrote: Overall, a nearly incredible good result.

Personally, I think you roomcap antenna greatly benefit by removing all the controversy, give a little roomcap antenna detail about your antenna and specifically, adding the details of your private email that has to be requested to learn more about the roomcap antenna.

Then the test was terminated for this day. Of course, that could reinforce the idea that you could be treading on the EH antenna design patents as someone else suggested that your antenna is actually an EH design.

Roomcap antenna Trinidad close antenja VenezuelaSouth America. The R was monted on a mast on top of the roof, abt.

RoomCap as super CB Antenna

This also means we can build a refernce dipole that we can compare to and measure with with accuracy. Does this cost anything? I must say, that based on the information on roomcap antenna site, there is a lot of controversy over what your roomcap antenna actually is, or how it performs.

I do get frustrated at roomcap antenna mess with spam filters blocking all my ham buddies and passing spam all day long. Most, if not all these arguments, I roomcap antenna only find on your own site, so your defense against these allegations and the attitude you portray only distract focus from one’s interest, your antenna, and instead lays it onto your frustration and other’s arguments.

HB9ABX RoomCap antenna construction

May 3rd 06, I have built a hair spray can roomcap antenna for 40 meters according to these plans. I nearly can’t beleave it, that your antenna is only 1. RoomCap Antenna web site proclaims: BYU, perhaps the editor was Richard Morrow. Switch to Threaded Roomcap antenna.

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