Operation Blue Star-Book By Lt. Gen. -Books on Sikh History in Punjabi – Books on Sikh Itihas In Punjabi – Books on Sikh Historical Events In Punjabi. Operation Blue Star was militarily successful, but it is criticized by many for being badly planned. K S Brar In the s, General Brar authored a book on his version of Operation Blue Star. You need to download an app called “Scribd” from Google Play store and paste the link into your mobile browser as mentioned below. Then after reviewing 3.

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At the trial, which opened at Southwark Crown Court on 15 Operation blue star book k s brar, Kaur also denied the charge of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm. Sir with due respect i want to clear my doughts about operation blue star, weather yourself was right or the other person is right, sir please dont mind but i want to read this book, i hope yourself can sought vook out the confusion going in my mind.

As you know, the charisma of Sant Bindranwale was such that the braar were prepared to sacrifice their lives at his call. He also emphasises time and again that the army maintained the highest standards of discipline during the assault. Among the casualties was Capt.

He was also involved in the counter-insurgency operations in North-East India. Sandhu and year-old Dilbagh Singh pleaded not guilty to the same charge.

By this time, the third company of the Guards had been absorbed in the ground floor operations, I now instructed the co, Lt – Colonel Israr Khan, to quickly get a lodgement on the first and second floors of the right half without waiting for the entire ground floor to be cleared.

Apr 06, Vikas Puri rated it really liked it. But the Government white paper stipulates that only soldiers lost their operation blue star book k s brar and approx injured.

Of the 10, only three, though also seriously wounded, managed to extricate themselves. On all its five tiers, the Akal Takht was heavily fortified with automatic weapons.

Although General Brar later described Operation Bluestar as “most traumatic, most painful”, he insisted that it was necessary. But it is operation blue star book k s brar true that the Central government also played a pivotal role in fanning the violence.

Dewan always enjoyed being on operation blue star book k s brar scene of action and he promptly got into the act. And the apc, with troops belonging to 15 Kumaon inside, was moved along the parikrama. The Central government is only blamed by the author for inaction whereas this stemmed from the fact that they too played this dangerous game to gain a stronghold in the state and oust the Akalis, against whom Indira Gandhi had a personal grudge.

Shortly thereafter, an apc was also brought on to the parikrama after a tank had demolished the steps leading on to it as these were unnegotiable by the wheeled skot.

If nothing else it shows that the ordinary soldiers who took part in the operation were caught between a rock and a hard place and showed utmost courage in the face of adversities. They believed that the militants were keeping the pilgrims inside to stop the army from entering the temple.

Operation Blue Star – Punjabi Version – Book By Lt. Gen.

His three brigades were based in Meerut, Delhi and Jalandhar, and two of them were made up of Sikhs. He told his wife operation blue star book k s brar he would be back by evening for the night flight to Manila. The book is the one of the best chronicles of the sensational military operation in the annals of India. A group of volunteers, led by Lt Jyoti Kumar Dang, with one jco stqr eight other ranks of 26 Madras, took on this extremely difficult task. During his illustrious military career, he has held a number of prestigious command, staff and instructional appointments in the Indian Army.

Casualties were fast mounting, and even evacuating the wounded was dangerous. The book provides an unbiased account of one of the biggest counter terrorist operations undertaken by the men in olive green.

The attackers were originally scheduled to be sentenced on 19 September; however, a pre-sentencing document had not been issued by then. The clearance from Delhi to use tanks came promptly and by 5.

The Blue Star story – Society & The Arts News

As the apc was hit, one officer and eight others were wounded. The operation was led by Lt. These people informed the army that the others were not being allowed to come out.

Both appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court later. Interesting thing is operation blue star book k s brar whole operation is narrated with minute details provided with maps and photographs. Brar also takes this opportunity to fight many allegations against him and army. Even opedation this stage, we tried to avoid the use of the main gun to prevent destruction of the building, although the gun can achieve pin – point accuracy besides achieving shock action.

The commandos, meanwhile, were slowly inching towards the Akal Takht despite being under fire from all directions. Pant, was building on the Garhwalis’ firm base. A must read for all.

Operation Blue Star – English version – By Lt.Gen.K.S.Brar

Operation Blue star commenced on June 3rd of and reached its peak on June 5. In the years following the Indo-Pak war, Brar was involved in anti-insurgency operations in Nagaland and Mizoram states of India. This book is from the operation blue star book k s brar of bdar of an army general, thus precisely details all the action at the site.

Aug 23, Ravish Kumar rated it really liked it. India’s Race With Destiny and China. In the dark, it was difficult to deal with some of these underground positions.

So when the author takes it upon him to justify certain political aspects of the sttar and provide a background to the trouble, x fails as he cannot be seen blaming the central government directly. His soldiers had to move across the river Brahmaputraat a location where no bridges existed. The author is able to provide believable justification as far as the military aspect of the operation is concerned like the use of tanks and the smoke weapons.

According to the author most of the blame lies with the Akalis who manipulated the situation for their own gains but ultimately became helpless as the situation worsened. K S Brar was born in into a Jat Operation blue star book k s brar family. Even after some rooms had been cleared, militants kept reappearing in them.

By b,ue, at this juncture, Brigadier A.

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